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My Quality Tax Service was created to help the average person get the maximum refund that they deserve. Jacques Chambers is a military veteran who has served his country honorably. He noticed that people were leaving a lot of money on the table unclaimed that the government was keeping for themselves.  It is our mission to make sure each customer we serve gets the maximum refund they have coming to them.  We take the time to listen to the needs of our customers and help guide them with the best possible tax solutions. When you go to the big tax companies they do not listen to your goals and dreams they just punch the numbers and charge you an outrageous fee. When you use the tax software online and file your taxes yourself you get whatever the software says you get.  The software is not designed to help you look for deductions that you may qualify for. Here at My Quality Tax Service, it is our main priority to help you find the best deduction to help you reach your financial goals .We are here to help each and every one of our customers get the maximum refund they deserve.  Other companies may say the same, but they are not actually doing it.

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We have helped hundreds of customers reach their goals, whether it be to buy a new car or buy a new home.  We help with personal and business taxes as well.  We are here for you every step of the way.  We will advise you on the best steps to take when you open your new business and what types of accounts you need in place to protect you in the future. Before you file online or go to the big tax companies, we ask you to give us a try and let us prove to you how having a local dedicated tax team in your corner is much better than you may think.  We are at your service all year.  Many of our customers have our personal cell phone number so they can call their tax expert whenever they need advice.  The big tax companies do not offer this type of personal service. Hardworking, detail oriented and dedicated to your success is what My Quality Tax Service is all about.  Please give us a call and let us prove it to you. You will be glad that you did.


Stephanie (The Real Deal) McCoy
Has over 25 years experience in tax preparation.
Stephanie runs the Durham NC location.


Ana Garcia
Works out of the Raleigh Office and online.
Ana is dedicated to helping our Spanish speaking clients.
Nosotros hablamos español.


Amari Williams
Works out of the Raleigh office.
She handles walk in clients, our social media campaigns, and our online clients as well.


Ana and Amari working out of the Raleigh Office.